Is the Uniting Church in decline?

17-Dec-2014 02:37 PM


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Is the Uniting Church in decline?

06-Feb-2016 06:29 PM


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Yes, but then so are most Christian churches.  That does not mean that Christianity is also on the decline.  The people are not going to come to the church - so we need to go to where the people are.

We need to educate UC members, help them to understand what they believe and why.  The Bible needs to be re-valued in the lives of believers.

Christianity needs to be a way of life not a Sunday activity.


21-Jun-2017 05:10 PM

Anne W at Belrose

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Is the Pope Catholic?

Yes it is the fastest shrinking denomination in Australia. 

*Yet*, the growing congregations are mostly the Bible-based (evangelical) ones, whether Migrant-Ethnic, Anglo or Cross-Cultural. The more liberal churches die, the leaner we get and the quicker we can turn around and get back to our Biblical Reformed Evangelical roots. 

This gives me hope.


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